The artists work in collaboration with scientists and academics to contextualise the project and assess the effects of their Panacea.

Dr Mark Down explored the scientific methodologies developed for the drugs industry. In his efforts to analyse the effects of Panacea, Dr Down put scientific research methods to the test by exposing them to the critical discourse surrounding contemporary art. A series of new artworks is being developed both as a response and a challenge to these investigations.

Professor Hiliary, who has been commissioned by the artists to conduct an evaluation of the benefit of Panacea on health and wellbeing, has presented his research methodology at venues across Europe.

Three books have been published to contextualise Panacea's ongoing research. The publications were launched at the ICA, London with a panel discussion by Nicolas Bourriaud, curator, Tate Triennial; Siân Ede, deputy director, Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation; Jane Wernick, editor,Building Happiness: Architecture to Make You Smile and Claire Doherty, curator and writer. These publications are available from Cornerhouse Publications.


Professor Hiliary Photo: Mark Down
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