Sci-fi Hot Tub - Walker & Bromwich

Sci Fi Hot Tub will consist of a hot tub island to cocoon a number of participants in warmth and comfort whilst floating through sublime and potentially hostile environments. The contrast between this ‘comfort zone’ and the great expanse of nature will encourage debate between the users in an isolated and non-hierarchical context and enable them to ponder on the issues brought up by Panacea, increasing their intellectual and physical wellbeing.

Walker & Bromwich developed a prototype for Sci-fi Hot Tub during an artist’s residency at Kielder Art and Architecture Centre. ‘Kielder Waters’ is the largest artificial lake and forest in Europe. The project will be filmed to create a video installation work for the gallery. Sci-fi Hot Tub will act as the viewing platform for the video works allowing the viewers to bathe in warm water while experiencing two large-scale video projections.



Viral Planting Michael Pinsky
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