John Hansard Gallery

26 July - 10 September 2005

Panacea's first UK show. On this occasion, Life Pulse was presented out of the gallery space on the grounds of the university.
'There is an expansiveness to the project that’s not limited to the gallery walls. It’s a nomadic set of ideas that move around attracting attention – with the potential of leaving seeds that then grow everywhere where we’ve left a project. [...] it’s amusing that 'Life Pulse' and the first edition of 'Friendly Frontier' were too big to fit into the gallery [...]. it’s almost as if this show is so expansive that it’ struggles to fit into a building. It’s pressing at the walls and desperate to get out and talk to people. Even if we’re trying to keep it in a gallery we just can’t physically manage it' Michael Pinsky in interview with Dr Bernadette Buckley.
This exhibition marked the beginning of a long-term relationship with John Hansard Gallery, who is the partner institution. After its peregrination, Panacea will return to the John Hansard Gallery once it has moved to Southampton's new purpose built arts complex, which will open in 2008.


Gallery View Pinsky, Walker & Bromwich Photo: Steve Shrimpton
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