The Cornerhouse

This autumn Panacea releases its therapeutic powers in Cornerhouse transforming it into a temporary hothouse for wellbeing.
Two major artworks have been specially commissioned for PANACEAHOTHOUSE, Sci-Fi Hot Tub by Walker and Bromwich and Healing Wall by Pinsky. Sci- Fi Hot Tub, a hot tub ‘island’, cocoons participants in warmth and comfort whilst floating through sublime and potentially hostile environments. Visitors to Cornerhouse are invited to take a dip and debate on the issues raised by Panacea. Healing Wall a wall of light created from green neon pharmacy signs collected by the artists during his peregrinations in France where they are omnipresent. Based on the principle of "too much of a good thing can be bad for you", Healing Wall recreates the disorientating experience of the inner city’s landscape.

Off-site events at Victoria Baths

Friday 6 October – Sunday 19 November 2006

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Keilder Water Photo: Neil Bromwich
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