Centre d'Art Contemporain Le Parvis

Ibos, France
16 February - 8 April 2006

Le Parvis, a contemporary art centre built inside a shopping mall, presents Superspa, the latest manifestation of Panacea.
The creation of Le Parvis was initiated by a professor of philosophy. Pursuing the democratic aims of this visionary founder, Pinsky, Walker & Bromwich invite experienced gallery-goers as well as casual shoppers, to trial their ‘artistic’ solutions, which simultaneously offer an aesthetic experience and a practical tool to improve life.
Inspired by the Pyrénées and the health-giving springs surrounding the gallery, the artists propose to take visitors in their 'Superspa' for a special winter treat.
“Panacea questions the authority of science and more particularly of medicine. The concept of the prototype refers to this critical stance. Within the exhibition space, visitors are subjects to voluntary therapeutic trials designed to test the effectiveness of the artworks/treatment before they are put on general release. […] The primary virtue of the Panacea pieces resides in their capacity to be truly experienced by all.” Odile Biec, Chief Curator of Le Parvis.


Viral Planting Michael Pinsky Poster Image
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